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Fueling the Future from Beneath the Earth

Our underground cavern provides safe and sustainable LPG storage solutions for your business

SALPG is an equal equity Joint Venture between Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (HPCL) and Total Holding India.

Welcome to South Asia LPG Company Pvt. Ltd, India’s first underground LPG storage cavern. We offer secure and reliable energy storage solutions for your LPG needs. With 15+ years of expertise in LPG logistics, we have made a substantial contribution to the growth of the Indian Energy Industry.

Cavern concept, fundamentally new, was implemented and commissioned for commercial operations in 2007. SALPG was incorporated with the foresight to open doors for new-age innovation in the energy storage market. Our state-of-the-art underground cavern is designed to hold a capacity of 60,000MT of propane.

The core value of our company is to put safety first hence, we have expert operational support and round-the-clock monitoring in place to ensure that your fuel is in responsible hands.

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About The Cavern

SALPG operates Asia’s first underground LPG cavern with a capacity to store 60,000MT of Propane. The Cavern was built  using cutting-edge technology and a sophisticated design committed to delivering comprehensive LPG storage solutions to our clients.

Underground Rock Cavern, 196M Minimum Sea level

60,000MT Capacity

Propane Related Storage

Pioneering the growth of the LPG industry in India

SALPG’s contribution to the progress of the Indian Energy Industry is indeed pioneering. Our cavern ensures safe storage and a smooth supply of LPG in the Eastern and Central frontiers of the nation.

We facilitate Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and private players to import large quantities of LPG through VLGC vessels which reduces the freight cost by a good margin. Thus, considerably adding to the national treasury.

Our commitment lies in creating a healthy workplace for the optimal growth of our employees.

At SALPG, we ensure our employees are well-skilled to shape the company’s future as well as their careers in a sustainable direction. They are routinely trained with upgrading technologies and industry best practices through our training sessions, workshops, and team-building activities.

We strive to build a nurturing work culture for our team to empower their professional and personal goals.

Our Management Team

Mr Rajneesh Narang

Director Finance, HPCL

Mr Anuj Kumar Jain

Executive Director (Inc-LPG), HPCL

Mrs. Sujata Londhe

Executive Director - Joint Ventures, HPCL

Mr. Thibault Lesueur

Chairman & Managing Director, TotalEnergies Marketing India Private Limited

Mr Vincent Minard

VP Lubricants, Specialties & B2B, Marketing & Services, Asia-Pacific & Middle-East, Total Oil Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

Mr. Naveen Makheja

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director SALPG

LPG Cavern

An Engineering Marvel

Our cavern is engineered with innovative technology that allows ease of unloading and transfer of LPG through pipelines, adhering to top-grade safety standards.

The underground nature of our infrastructure prevents it from external hazards like fire, cyclone, earthquake, and other natural or man-made calamities. Thus providing a safe and eco-friendly depository for your fuel.

It is truly an Imagination made possible by Innovation!