Advantages of Caverns

Based on the experience from Scandinavian and other countries, underground cavern storage of LPG is much safer than the above-ground pressurized spheres/bullets/ refrigerated tanks. About 80 caverns for LPG storage already exist in the world. 

  • Underground storage is safe from warfare, sabotage and natural calamities like earthquakes
  • There is no risk of leakage and hence, the threat to the environment is minimal
  • They need much less land area than surface storage facilities
  • The natural landscape and scenic beauty of the project area is not affected as the major installations are located underground as compared to above-ground storage facilities
  • They can be used as buffer/ strategic storage for the country
  • For large quantity storage, underground cavern storage is cheaper as compared to above-ground storage. Underground storage also needs little maintenance
  • Underground storage has longer life as compared to surface tanks
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