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Scope of Services

SALPG’s Cavern offers state-of-the-art energy logistics services for the
Liquefied Petroleum Gas imported to Visakhapatnam

Operational Summary

At SALPG, our operations follow a streamlined process where Propane and Butane are received through VLGCs (Very Large Gas Carriers) and other smaller ships, blended to meet LPG specification and stored in the underground cavern. Based on Customer requirement, LPG is pumped through an 8km-long cross-country pipeline1 and later channelised either through 617 km cross country pipeline or loaded to Tank Trucks or Tank Wagons. SALPG evacuation arrangement allows customer to service markets in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Unloading Propane and Butane imported through VLGCs and other LPG ships.

Storing LPG safely in the cavern

Supplying LPG through pipeline, Tank trucks, and wagons

Robust Instrumentation and Automation

Exacting processes demand exacting control measurements. SALPG ensures our systems are robust enough to tackle these challenging operations.

We have state-of-the-art field Instrumentation designed to face severe conditions. Sensory devices are installed for measuring pressure, temperature, flow, and even environmental factors, enabling prompt solutions to complex functional challenges

 Our avant-garde Automation Control Systems allow us to build secure and sustainable processes customized to the specific needs of our clients. With its diverse mechanisms, SALPG provides world-class product quality, efficient tuning, refined control, and better process visibility, promoting access to necessary information at each level of operation.

The process monitoring and control systems at SALPG run with advanced instrumentation and innovative design that minimizes human intervention, promoting the highest level of safety for both man and nature.

Interconnected Subsystems for different types of processes in SALPG:

Fire & Gas Detection System (F&G)

Provides interface to LEL, UV/IR, Heat & Smoke detectors during emergencies like a gas leak or fire hazards. These detectors send signals to the Control System to initiate shutdowns, activate the alarms, and autostart firefighting equipment.

Power Distribution Control System (PDCS)

This system connects to all the HT and LT breakers and also interfaces with DCS. Hence, NO Human presence is required at the substation. It enables better analysis during troubleshooting and optimizes operations.

Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

Data flows from all other subsystems to this centralized control system. It maintains operations with safety during normal functions and provides communication between the control room and the field.

Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

Maintains operations within safety limits where human life, the environment, and the property are all protected in case of process interruption and shuts the functions safely.

SALPG operates by considering all safety measures to avoid any disasters. Our secure shutdown processes and the capability to bounce back into operations with advanced automation control systems in case of any hazard are prime examples of the robustness of our innovative infrastructure.

Serving our Valued

SALPG’s innovative terminalling infrastructure provides the safest and most reliable LPG storage solutions. As India’s largest single-point LPG storage facility, we are committed to serving our customers with world-class energy operations.

​SALPG caters to the need of major oil companies like IndianOil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum. Additionally, SALPG offers its services to major international and local private companies like SHV, TotalEnergies.

We ensure responsible handling of your fuel!

For Tenders, please get in touch with us on tenders@salpg.com