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SALPG’s Journey

As an equal equity joint venture between Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and TotalEnergies France.

South Asia LPG Company Pvt. Ltd.,(SALPG). is a LPG logistic company catering to the needs of the nation, providing storage solution to Oil Marketing Companies and other private players. SALPG is credited to be the First Indian Cavern and as on date has the highest storage capacity of LPG / Propane Storage of 60,000 tons facility in its Cavern nested in manmade Cavern at -196 Meters below mean sea level.

The construction of the SALPG Cavern, first one and the deepest in the country boasts of some unique and innovative state of the art technology adopted for its creation. Located at the precinct off the shores of Dolphin Nose in Visakhapatnam, the engineering marvel is credited to deliver safe and sustainable energy logistic services. However, our journey to this milestone took years of perseverance and determination.

SALPG was incorporated on November 1999 to build and operate India’s first underground cavern facility for LPG storage at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The idea of a cavern was inherently new and challenging at that time but not impossible.

Development of our 60,000MT cavern project commenced in November 2003; by December 2007, SALPG was commissioned for commercial operations. In 2022, we completed 15 successful years of operations in providing our clients with the best LPG storage solutions. We have achieved over 4.48 million accident-free work hours, highlighting our core values of Safety First.

Today, we are committed to empowering the Indian LPG Terminalling Business with our advanced systems. We make your imagination possible via our innovation.

Our Promotors

Being a 50-50 joint venture between two Fortune 500 giants , we strive to promote the ideals of both our parent orgonizations

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)

HPCL is a Maharatna CPSE and a Forbes 2000 company. Being one of India’s largest oil refining and marketing enterprises, HPCL owns and operates two major refineries in Mumbai and Visakhapatnam, producing a diverse range of petroleum fuels and specialties.

TotalEnergies Marketing Holdings India (TMHI)

TMHI is a fully owned subsidiary of one of the leading global energy company , TotalEnergies France. TotalEnergies actively operates in more than 130 countries to provide safer, cleaner, more affordable, and accessible energy to people.

Project Location

Why Visakhapatnam?

Visakhapatnam has always been a prime location for oil and gas operations in India. Favourable geological conditions like rock quality, lesser risk of cracks, and water table position make Visakhapatnam ideal for constructing an underground rock cavern for LPG storage.

Being a port city, Visakhapatnam became a convenient site to import LPG on the east coast. In 2003, the Visakhapatnam Port Trust commissioned an LPG berth at the outer harbour to handle Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGC) with a capacity of over 45,000MT. HPCL has developed a Downstream Infrastructure for LPG evacuation and the Gas Authority of India. Ltd operates an LPG pipeline up to Secundrabad.

These existing LPG handling facilities make Visakhapatnam a central point for the transportation and distribution of LPG in Andhra Pradesh and its adjoining states and for potential re-exportation to the neighbouring counties.

With market potential and existing downstream infrastructure facility, SALPG Cavern with 60000 tons capacity, allowed OMCs to use Visakhapatnam as a major import hub to cater to the needs of multiple east coast states.

Project Summary

SALPG operates Asia’s first underground LPG cavern with a capacity to store 60,000MT of Propane. The Cavern is built using cutting-edge technology and a sophisticated design committed to delivering comprehensive LPG storage solutions to our clients. The deepest point of the cavern is 196 meters below sea level, equivalent to almost 16 floors down the earth and an impression larger than a football field.

The Cavern has three components: a water curtain gallery and two main LPG galleries, and more details as shown in the blueprint here:

Scope of Project

Designing, Engineering & Commissioning India’s First Underground LPG
Receipt and Storage Terminal.

Underground Rock Cavern, 196M Minimum Sea level

60,000MT Capacity

Safest Propane Storage

EPCC Contractor

M/s. Larsen and Toubro, Hyderabad

Design Consultant

M/s. Geostock, France

Board of Directors

SALPG thrives under the excellent leadership of our experienced Board
of Directors, holding top-level managerial positions in HPCL and TotalEnergies.

Mr Rajneesh Narang

Director Finance, HPCL

Mr Anuj Kumar Jain

Executive Director (Inc-LPG), HPCL

Mrs. Sujata Londhe

Executive Director - Joint Ventures, HPCL

Mr. Thibault Lesueur

Chairman & Managing Director, TotalEnergies Marketing India Private Limited

Mr Vincent Minard

VP Lubricants, Specialties & B2B, Marketing & Services, Asia-Pacific & Middle-East, Total Oil Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

Mr. Naveen Makheja

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director SALPG